Friday, March 23, 2012

The Other Men In My Life

My brother and his wife and kids along with my parents came out this weekend to bring supper and to see Lane.  Got a few snap shots of my nephew Payton.  This was very rare for him to stay in one spot for very long.

Got to spend some time with my Niece Kinley too.

My wonderful husband was in such a hurry to eat dinner with me Wednesday evening that he opted out on getting gas until after we ate.  Well......we decided to switch up vehicles so he could take Lane to Wally World and Karson & I took the truck home.  After I was on the road for about 10 minutes, I noticed that the gas light was on.  Guess What?  He forgot to tell me that I needed to get gas!!! And when you live out in the country, sometimes its just too late to head back to town.  All I can say is thank goodness for Daddys!
Thank you to my Dad who came to the rescue!

Went all over the world yesterday for Lane & Kris' doctor appointments.  Scheduling two appointments on the same day is not a good ideal!!! There was a mix up on Kris' appointment and each appointment were about an hour away from each other.  But Lanes went well and Kris has been released.  So back to work full force for him and more PT for Lane.

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  1. hey girl haven't seen you in a while ...hope all is good with you and your family..